The quiet hum of conversation fills the room. The scent of coffee percolates through the air. Some are reading, others are chatting with friends, and everyone is enjoying the flood of sunshine. That's a typical afternoon at Ost Cafe -- and exactly the kind of atmosphere we were after when we set out to bring a taste of old Bohemia to our beloved East Village and Lower East Side.

From coffee and pastries to wine and cheese (in Ost East Village), we selected Ost's menu to reflect our Central European heritage and cater to local tastes. Whether you've come to get a shot of espresso while reading the morning paper or to grab a cappuccino on the run, you'll find this a welcome home away from home.

The Ost Family

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Ost Cafe locations are available for private events, film & photo shoots, and other special events. Please email us for further details.

Email: info@ostcafenyc.com

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